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EU Parliament approves post-Brexit trade treaty

 MEPs ready to ratify UK-EU Brexit trade deal,Ongoing tensions between London and Brussels ,trade rules ,Northen Ireland


EU lawmakers previously threatened to postpone the vote on the approval of parliament,Brexite

MEPs ready to ratify UK-EU trade deal, after Brexit Post-Brexit EU-UK deal amid ongoing tensions between London and Brussels over trade rules for Northern Ireland the deal, 

which was concluded on Christmas Eve last year already ratified by the EU. The British Parliament came into force subject to certain conditions until the EU was approved by the parliaments. 

Due to the dispute over the implementation of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol,  EU lawmakers previously threatened to postpone the vote on the approval of parliament, but a large majority of the lawmakers support the agreement. 

That will be announced on Wednesday, nearly five years after UK voters decided to pull out of the bloc. So far they have not found a common basis for applying the trade rules in Northern Ireland. 

In March, London decided to unilaterally extend a grace period until October for the control of goods traffic between Great Britain and the province. 

That decision led the EU to speak to legislators ahead of their vote, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, sharing MEPs' concern about "UK unilateral action" but noted some progress in the talks . 

Former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier told lawmakers that the way Britain left the bloc was "a failure of the European Union".

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