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New York Times Square  Shooting suspected  man arrested in Florida
Chernobyl workers in Ukraine saw a record increase in nuclear activity
The War Crimes Court is concerned about violence in the West Bank (ICC)
Breaking: The death toll rises as violence between Israel and Gaza rises.
Actor Sonu Sood is arranging to bring an oxygen plant from France
Queen Elizabeth II Opening Ceremoney UK Pairlement
 Watch: 8 school children and a teacher were killed in a shooting in the Russian city of Kazan
Dozens of bodies floating in the waters of the Jamuna! Panicked villagers
Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro rode at the head of a large motorbike rally , over covid Pandemic
Palestinians, Israeli police conflict at Jerusalems Al-Aqsa compound
Big Revel , china covid-19 ,Chinese Scientist were discussing about the use of biological Weapons Corona virus 5 Years before pandemic
Covid-19 India: A sharp Sneer at the center, IMA in favor of lockdown across the country
Pro- Independence parties won a majority in the Scottish Parliament
Today is the 25th of Baishakh ,Rabindra Jayanti and  Mother's Day , The chemistry of his mother's relationship with the poet is at stake